Step 4: Monitor, evaluate and modify

Monitor and evaluate outcomes

As the plan is being rolled out, it is essential to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the pest management program. Operational  monitoring is where information is collected about what was done,  when, and at what cost, while performance monitoring shows  whether the objectives of the plan are being achieved. Evaluating  the outcomes of management is important because management  might not result in the desired outcome.

Report and share the results: Monitoring the plan as it is being  implemented can generate evidence to show that the plan is  working. If communicated regularly, this can help maintain support  and motivation within the group and the wider community.

Modify and progress the plan as needed – adaptive management

If monitoring shows that pest management is not achieving the  planned objectives or is no longer feasible due to a loss of resources  or some other change in circumstance, then it might be necessary to  modify and adapt the plan. This could include a change in where and  when control is carried out (eg increase ground baiting to twice a  year prior to lambing) or the addition of other techniques (eg  trapping as well as ground baiting), or even stopping management to reassess the situation. Alternatively, if the management plan is achieving its desired outcomes then it is worth considering if  the  program can be improved or made more cost-efficient. A pest  management plan should also include a review or an end date,  depending on whether the pest problem is reduced after a  short-term, high-intensity intervention or if ongoing management is needed.

Use FeralScan with your group to monitor pests after control, and decide what modifications to make.

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Last updated: January 19, 2016
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