Assessing invasive animals in Australia 2008

Invasive animals cause enormous damage to Australia’s economy, environment and society. Assessing Invasive Animals in Australia 2008 presents, for the first time, consistent national information on the distribution and abundance of significant invasive animals in Australia.

This report is the result of collaboration between the National Land & Water Resources Audit, the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, and all states and territories. It reports on indicators of the extent and impact of 10 invasive animal species, which have been compiled from existing datasets using nationally agreed methods. Where available, information on trends was collated and reported, and potential distribution information was modelled for species that are still spreading.

The work is an important step in laying the foundations for ongoing monitoring of invasive animals – and this ongoing monitoring should be an essential component of all future programs that invest in controlling these invasive species.

Author Peter West
Date null
Year 2008
Place published City
Publisher National Land & Water Resources Audit
Institution Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Pages 98 pp
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN ISBN 978 0 642 37150 8
Region Australia - national