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Learning from the past

Wild dog control has come a long way in recent years but the community needs to guard against complacency. Effective wild dog management results from a nil-tenure, collaborative, community-driven approach. […]

Best practice tools and strategies

The challenge is to match the most effective tools and strategies to each situation and location Multiple tools can be used to complement each other for proactive and reactive control […]

Wild dog control – the journey

Before collaborative community-based, landscape scale control strategies Wild dog impacts were causing some landholders emotional and economic distress. Playing the ‘blame game’ often distracted landholders from finding effective solutions. Knowledge […]

Wild dog management in Victoria today

Community-based control strategies deliver sustainable solutions The Victorian wild dog control program is considered best practice. A template-style delivery and response system ensures all producers can expect similar support. Community […]

Co-operation and extension

Tailored solutions using multiple engagement methods Best Wool Best Lamb (BWBL) – a producer-directed program aimed at promoting best practice agriculture. Groups were set up with a wild dog focus […]

NWDAP Communiqué 23

January 2017 | Edition 2017 / 1 Stakeholder Consultative Group upcoming forum Geoff Power, Chair of the SCG, invites NWDAP participant organisations to attend the next NWDAP forum at the […]

NWDAP Communiqué 24

April 2017 | Edition 2017 / 2 Stakeholder Consultative Group Forum update The Stakeholder Consultative Group met in Brisbane on February 28th and March 1st, to discuss proposals for the next two […]

NWDAP Communiqué 25

May 2017 | Edition 2017 / 3 National Wild Dog Action Plan steering committee update With stage 2 of the National Wild Dog Action Plan due to finish on June 30, the steering committee […]

NWDAP Communiqué 22

December 2016 | Edition 2016 / 5 New Training Video – Canid Pest Ejectors (CPE) Thanks to NWDAP funding allocated to creating and updating training and best practice videos, a […]