Den-CO-fume®.- Humane control of foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in natal dens

Carbon monoxide (CO) is considered to be one of the most humane and, if generated in sufficient quantities, efficacious fumigants for the control of fossorial mammals. Pyrotechnic cartridges which generate CO have been used for over a decade for the control of a wide range of pest animals in the USA. These cartridges comprise a cardboard tube filled with a mixture of charcoal and sodium nitrate, that on ignition undergoes combustion to generate carbon monoxide. A project was conducted jointly by the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit and Applied Biotechnologies Pty. Ltd., to investigate the use of the pyrotechnic cartridges for the humane control of foxes in natal dens.

Author Hart, S., Marks, C.A. and Staples, L
Date 27/03/1996
Year 1996
Secondary title Humaneness and Vertebrate Pest Control: Proceedings of the Seminar held 27th March 1996
Place published City
Publisher Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Pages 58-61
Notes Notes
Control method Fumigation
Region VIC