Fox control and rock-wallaby population dynamics — II. An update

Five remnant populations of rock-wallabies (Petrogale lateralis) in the Western Australian wheatbelt have been the subjects of an experiment designed to assess the impact of fox predation on the population dynamics of this species. The effect of a fox-control programme, initiated in 1982 at two rock-wallaby sites, was first assessed in 1986 along with three other sites not subject to fox control. It was concluded that fox predation was the principal factor limiting the size and distribution of P. lateralis populations. In 1990 after a further four years of fox control, the experiment was reassessed and a comprehensive statistical analysis of the data set confirmed this conclusion. These results reinforce the need for conservation authorities across Australia to implement fox-control programmes to assure the survival of rock-wallaby populations (and other likewise-threatened species).

Author Kinnear, J. E., Onus, M. L. and Sumner, N. R.
Year 1998
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 25
Number 1
Pages 81-88
Region WA