Glovebox Guide for Managing Feral Pigs

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This Glovebox Guide for Managing Feral Pigs is a practical resource designed to assist Australian landholders (farmers, public land managers and indigenous groups) in the control of feral pigs. A large part of tackling a feral pig problem depends on the landholder’s awareness of the situation and their ability to make informed decisions about how best to take action to reduce feral pig damage.

This guide aims to:

  • enhance understanding of feral pig biology and ecology, where and how they live
  • outline the options for control, advantages and disadvantages
  • outline management tools and strategies
  • assist in the development of a cost effective pig management plan

Care has been taken to incorporate differences in practice that arise by region.

Secondary title PestSmart
Author Kana Koichi and Damien Halliday
Year 2015
Publisher Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
Pages 28
ISBN/ISSN Web ISBN: 978-1-921777-98-1
Control method Integrated Pest Management
Region Australia - national
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