Invasive Species Managment Plan for the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA

Invasive species have been recognised as the key problem in the Border Rivers-Gwydir catchment which was found in a 2007- 08 survey titled ‘Understanding Natural Resource Management from a Landholders Perspective’. The top four items selected by respondents as a major or moderate problem were pests, including: environmental weeds, introduced animal pests, crop weeds and native pests.

The development of this plan has been initiated by the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA in partnership with Industry and Investment NSW and the Invasive Animals CRC. The planning process has developed a series of recommendations that will help guide the BR-G CMA in allocating future funding and on- ground project implementation relating to invasive species management. These recommendations have been considered as part of the invasive species plan as they are realistic and can be implemented in a coordinated and strategic way. Ideally, each recommendation will be implemented in the short term however, depending on catchment conditions, funding availability and resources; some may become longer term targets and form part of an ongoing management approach to invasive species.

Download the plan below as either a single document or in sections. The appendices are not provided here and are available only in hardcopy.

Year 2010
Publisher NSW Dept Industry & Investment
Institution Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority
Department Invasive Animals CRC
Pages 168 pp
Notes Prepared by Jessica Marsh
Region NSW

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Invasive Species Management Plan for the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA (5.5 Mb)

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