Western division wild dog control – Western NSW

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This case study investigates and documents the barriers and responses to improving wild dog management encountered between 2010 and 2016 in the Western Division of NSW.




The Western Division makes up 42% of New South Wales. The Western Division borders Queensland to the north and South Australia to the West. A large portion of the NSW border, within the Western Division, is protected by the wild dog fence. The successful management of wild dog populations, in previous decades in this region, is largely attributed to this fence. The fence is just as important today, however in the last 6 years, and particularly the last 3-4 years, through the adoption of various interventions, landholders in the Western Division have boosted their wild dog management efforts.

These interventions, including new equipment and tools, coordination, engagement with agency staff, funding availability and education, through sharing of knowledge and information, have overlaid pre-existing management approaches. The Western Division is also noted for being made up of a region of proactive and resilient landholders. This region has a culture of ‘getting things done’ based on their local knowledge, local leadership, shared commitment and persistence in working together to achieve goals. Landholders within this region embraced the support that flowed into the Western Division, most notably during the period of 2010 – 2016. It facilitated increased engagement of landholders, and gave them the confidence to change, achieving coordinated, and landscape scale management of wild dogs. This culture continues to exist today with the continued evolution of wild dog management groups, engagement of stakeholders and landholders, and the adoption of a range of interventions.

The case study will identify drivers of success, key themes, recommendations and quotes, recognised throughout the interviews, which have encapsulated the changes to wild dog management in the Western Division through the period 2010 – 2016. A sample of individual profiles, which offer specific insights to wild dog management at a local (property, group or organisation) level, are also provided.

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.


Last updated: August 11, 2017
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