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  • wilddog_webPest management is a responsibility of all land managers in Australia.
  • Wild dogs are considered a serious pest in Australia threatening livestock and production on private land.
  • Wild dogs impose substantial costs on cattle, sheep and goat industries conservatively estimated between $44 and $66 million per annum nationally.
  • Wild dogs can have negative environmental impacts, including predation on native fauna, spreading disease and breeding with dingoes.
  • Social impacts include producers being constantly alert to the problem of wild dogs and experiencing psychological stress due to attacks on their livestock and domestic animals.
  • Livestock predation has adverse animal welfare implications with producers concerned about the suffering and distress imposed on their livestock
  • Wild dog management is complicated by the different types of landholders who have different objectives.

The Plan provides direction for the national management of wild dogs to minimise their negative impacts on agricultural, biodiversity and social well-being.

The Plan is industry-driven and for the first-time provides an industry / government coordinated role that:

  • allows a two-way flow of information
  • offers a structure and actions to deliver a shared solution
  • builds on the good work already being done and identifies ways of doing things smarter.

In 2014, 470 responses were received from a survey conducted under the plan which provided an NWDAP_investment_map_survey_2014. There is a substantive investment by individuals, local and regional control groups and state governments and a range of other organisations. A coordinated response to wild dog management such as under the National Wild Dog Action Plan reduces the risk of inefficiencies.

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.

Last updated: August 9, 2017
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