State & territory government messages

Australian StatesWhy should you care?

  • state/territory jurisdictions have legislative responsibility for wild dog management and are responsible for the regulatory framework for wild dog management
  • regulatory obligations on landholders for wild dog management are an important component in the wild dog management toolkit
  • there are benefits in consistency in wild dog management policies and program across jurisdictions, especially for land managers where jurisdictional borders meet.

A national coordination framework offers:

  • direction for the nationally consistent management of wild dogs
  • a mechanism to establish nationally consistent metrics (performance measures)
  • a platform to facilitate wild dog management practices that are broadly consistent with the national model Code of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure delivery of safe, effective and humane management of wild dogs
  • support for community-driven action for landscape scale wild dog management
  • the opportunity to reduce duplication and eliminate inefficiencies
  • promotion of safe use and handling of available tools and technologies for wild dog management.

How can you become involved/contribute?

  • communicate and collaborate with colleagues across jurisdictions
  • actively facilitate implementation of best practice planning and control methods incorporating use of COP/SOPs
  • participate in national coordination initiatives that aim to deliver sustainable improvements in wild dog management.

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is an industry initiative endorsed by Government.

Last updated: August 9, 2017
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