Neonatal lamb losses due to feral pig predation

An investigation into causes of low lamb marking percentages was made on a property in north-west New South Wales from 1971 to 1975. Investigations revealed that from 11 to 70% of the ewes in lamb were losing all their lambs. Observations suggested that feral pig predation was a factor in the perinatal loss. In 1975, 2 groups of ewes were placed in adjoining paddocks prior to lambing. Feral pigs were excluded from one paddock for most of lambing by means of an electric fence. In this paddock, 117% of lambs were marked compared with 80% in the adjoining paddock. It was estimated that in 1975 over 600 lambs were killed by feral pigs from 1,422 ewes lambing in paddocks with feral pigs. The problems involved in the diagnosis of feral pig predation are discussed.

Author Plant J. W., Marchant R., Mitchell T. D. and Giles J. R.
Year 1978
Secondary title Australian Veterinary Journal
Volume 54
Number 9
Pages 426-429
Region Australia - national