Pest Animal Survey: A review of the distribution, impacts and control of invasive animals throughout NSW and the ACT.

The environmental, economic, and social impacts of invasive pest animals in Australia cost in-excess of $700 million annually (Mcleod 2004). Invasive pest animals inhabit all regions of the State, and are well-recognised as causing significant losses to primary production, damaging environmental assets, threatening native species and communities, and impacting on social values. Effective management of pests and their adverse impacts often requires a coordinated approach between government, regional organisations and landholders. All groups have a shared responsibility to ensure the sustainable management of natural resources and to address the damage caused by pest animals throughout NSW. Information contained in this report represents the findings of one approach in monitoring and reporting aimed at presenting information on the distribution, abundance, impacts and control of pest species throughout NSW. The species addressed in this survey are feral pigs, feral goats, wild deer, foxes, rabbits, wild dogs and dingoes, feral cats, European starlings, European carp and cane toads.

Author Peter West and Glen Saunders
Date null
Year 2007
Place published City
Institution NSW Department of Primary Industries
Pages 82 pp
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ISBN/ISSN ISBN 978 0 7347 1835 8
Documents Pest Animal Survey 2004-2006