RabbitScan – an essential part of the Rabbit Management Toolbox

The Bellarine region was one of the shires in Victoria to receive an RHD Boost roadshow. The roadshows not only focus on providing information about the project to communities but to also allow time for discussions on their rabbit management challenges, and how best practice management methods can address these.

The group have also been convening a series of workshops as part of new project funded through VRAN Small Grants Program. An  aim of these  workshops was to promote RabbitScan, a free online resource and mobile App used to determine rabbit numbers in your area and help in monitoring the effectiveness of a management program.

Peter West (FeralScan Project Officer) was invited to run through RabbitScan with community leaders in the region so that the community could develop a Bellarine map to include rabbit warrens and hotspots of activity.

“RabbitScan has made this (mapping) process a whole lot easier, it is user friendly, accessible to everyone and most of all really helps us monitor the effectiveness of our programs,” Emma Camilleri, Landcare Facilitator for Bellarine region said.

Emma also mentioned that landholders have really taken to this resource, “one particular landholder has mapped an area of council land and identified up to 50 warrens. Due to this, the council has taken management action, realising the significance of the problem”.

A resource kit was given to all community members who attended the Bellarine community roadshows on rabbit management. This resource kit incorporates a range of documents and factsheets on best practice rabbit management. It allows the different stakeholders involved in rabbit management to identify a nill tenure approach to their management.

“RabbitScan is a part of the management toolkit and is now a part of our rabbit management programs,” Emma said.

Even TAFE students and school students in Bellarine region are now involved, learning to map rabbit warrens along roads and rails to help the shire council identify rabbit hotspot areas.

Visit RabbitScan or search for Feral Scan in App Store – available on iTunes and GooglePlay.