Review of the impacts of gambusia, redfin perch, tench, roach, yellowfin goby and streaked goby in Australia.

The Australian continent contains a large number of endemic fish species that contribute to the relatively high and unique biodiversity of our aquatic ecosystems. This means that Australian fish fauna are vulnerable to the impacts of alien fish invasions. Several Australian studies have expressed concern over the potential impact of a number of alien fish species on native fish and aquatic habitats. If these species were to spread, like the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), they too could create significant environmental, economic and health hazards. This report provides a comprehensive review of the six species: Gambusia; redfin perch; tench; roach; yellowfin goby and streaked goby. The purpose of the review is to bring together all the information relevant to the impacts of individual species and to identify gaps in knowledge.

Author D. Rowe, A. Moore, A. Giorgetti, C. Maclean, P. Grace, S. Wadhwa, J. Cooke
Date null
Year 2008
Place published City
Institution Australian Government Department of the Environmen
Pages 242 pp
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Region Australia - national