Weasel preys on larval salamander

Observed weasel hunting, systematically checked all holes in rocks, then began ducking under water of stream, came out with a giant salamander about 5 inches long and started chewing on […]

Weasels eat shrews

Response to Kirk 1921, asserting weasels dont eat shrews. Lists 3 observations of shrews identified in ermine or longtails, even if only as a last resort.

Weasel goes hungry

Nov 13 1921, 6 inches of snow, observer sitting up a tree. Varying hare in white pelage approached, criss-crossed its tracks in a small area just in front of the […]

Weasel in a pocket gopher burrow

2 standard traps set in a burrow, to catch only animals emerging from inside. Set at dusk, by 9 pm one held a pocket gopher, the other a longtail.