Gambusia holbrooki

South Coast Region Draft Pest Management Strategy 2008-2011

The development of Regional Pest Management Strategies (RPMS) provides NPWS with a strategic approach to pest management across NSW. The strategy developed for each Region provides a tool to broadly […]

Improved Management of Exotic Aquatic Fauna: R&D for Australian Rivers

This report presents the findings of a project to review R&D requirements concerning exotic aquatic biota and their significance in the improved management and monitoring of Australian inland waters. The […]

Impact of the introduced poeciliid Gambusia holbrooki (Girard, 1859) on the growth and reproduction of Pseudomugil signifer (Kner, 1865) in Australia

The impact of the presence of the introduced poeciliid Gambusia holbrooki on the Australian pseudomugilid Pseudomugil signifer was examined in open-air tank experiments. G. holbrooki profoundly affected the breeding of […]