House mouse

Operational Plan for Eradication of Ship Rats (Rattus rattus), Kiore (Rattus exulans), House Mouse (Mus musculus) and Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus cuniculus) from Ohinau and Motutapere Islands

This is the final report for an island eradication project by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. This operation involved two phases: Two aerial applications of poison bait to target […]

Rodent management on Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Establishing mammal trapping transects on Mutton Bird Island. More information is available on our islandNet pages and at These image files may be freely downloaded and used without permission […]

Assessment of the risk of inadvertently exporting from Australia a genetically modified immunocontraceptive virus in live mice (Mus musculus domesticus)

Controlling mouse plagues in the Australian grain-growing regions using a proposed species-specific, genetically modified, immunocontraceptive (IC) murine cytomegalovirus (icMCMV) may risk infected mice infesting export cargo and, subsequently in other […]