Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre

Assessing invasive animals in Australia 2008

Invasive animals cause enormous damage to Australia’s economy, environment and society. Assessing Invasive Animals in Australia 2008 presents, for the first time, consistent national information on the distribution and abundance […]

Significant invasive species (vertebrate pests) : Status of information for reporting against indicators under the National Natural Resource Management Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

This booklet is part of a series that describes the status of data and information relevant to national indicators agreed under the National Natural Resource Management Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. […]

Review of alien fish monitoring techniques, indicators and protocols: implications for national monitoring of Australia’s inland river systems.

This report presents a brief overview of current information regarding alien fish species: their distribution and abundance, and impacts; sampling techniques and monitoring protocols; indicators; control; and monitoring and research […]

Pest Animal Survey: A review of the distribution, impacts and control of invasive animals throughout NSW and the ACT.

The environmental, economic, and social impacts of invasive pest animals in Australia cost in-excess of $700 million annually (Mcleod 2004). Invasive pest animals inhabit all regions of the State, and […]