Padded-jaw traps

DOG001: Trapping of wild dogs using padded-jaw traps

Trapping of wild dogs is often used where poison baiting is less effective, for example, in or around lambing paddocks where there is abundant food. Trapping is useful for targeting […]

CAT003: Trapping of feral cats using padded-jaw traps

Live trapping followed by euthanasia is one of the main methods of feral cat control currently used. In urban/residential areas, cage traps are preferred over leg hold traps as fewer […]

RAB008: Trapping of rabbits using padded-jaw traps

The introduced European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) has a significant impact on agricultural production and the environment. Rabbit control methods include poisoning, warren fumigation, warren and harbourage destruction, biological control with […]