Tree colonisation of abandoned arable land after 27 years of horse-grazing: The role of bramble as a facilitator of oak wood regeneration

The impact of horse-grazing on natural tree regeneration on abandoned arable fields was studied in ‘Baronie Cranendonck’, a 98 ha nature reserve near the Dutch-Belgian border. The study area comprised […]

The effect of control of brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) on condition of a southern rata/kamahi (Metrosideros umbellata/Weinmannia racemosa) forest canopy in Westland, New Zealand

Possum colonization, which began about 1950, was controlled by poison application in 1970 (peak density) and 1974, or 1974 only, in 2 adjacent blocks (each approximately 6 km2) of rata/kamahi […]

Magnitude of canopy dieback and implications for conservation of southern rata-kamahi (Metrosideros umbellata-Weinmannia racemosa) forests, central Westland, New Zealand

Aerial photographs taken from November 1984 to March 1985 were used to assess the amount of conspicuous canopy dieback in all rata-kamahi (Metrosideros umbellata/Weinmannia racemosa) forests east of the Alpine […]

Evaluation of repellents to prevent possum browsing

Six predator odours, 2 proprietary repellents containing bitter ingredients, olive oil in petroleum jelly, and synthetic fermented egg were applied to seedlings of Pinus radiata in possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) pens […]

Effect of fire on the availability of hollows in trees used by the common brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula Kerr, 1792, and the ringtail possum, Pseudocheirus peregrinus Boddaerts, 1785

Characteristics of trees used for shelter during the day by brushtail and ringtail possums were identified in a study in open forest dominated by Eucalyptus marginata and E. calophylla in […]

Early experience affects developmental behaviour and timing of harem formation in Misaki horses

Herbivorous mammals affect the development of scrub to a varying extent; their influence depends on animal species and density. In the previous centuries, the area covered by scrub was limited […]