Tammar wallaby

Cytoarchitecture and staining for acetylcholinesterase and zinc in the visual cortex of the parma wallaby (Macropus parma)

Cytoarchitecture and distributions of acetylcholinesterase-containing fibers and zinc-containing neuropil are described in the primary visual cortex of a metatherian, the Parma wallaby (Macropus parma). Although some cytoarchitectural features of layer […]

Characterisation of fibrous sheath and midpiece fibre network polypeptides of marsupial spermatozoa with a monoclonal antibody

In this study cytoskeletal antigens common to brushtail possum and tammar wallaby spermatozoa were characterised using a monoclonal antibody (PSA-10). Using indirect immunofluorescence, the PSA-10 antibody detected antigens predominantly associated […]