Weasels’ running battle

In last week of April 1967, near Barmouth (Merioneths), saw 2 weasels fighting on grass verge, so stopped to watch from car. They fought with concentrated ferocity, until one got […]

Weasels and rats

On threshing a stack, found large number of half grown rats and 11 fullgrown weasels, living amicably – no dead rats around. Presumes predators dont hunt close to own dens. […]

Weasel and grouse

Saw weasel being carried aloft about 30 yds by a grouse, and on another occasion by a kite.

Weasel and stoat

Total of 50 weasels and 12 stoats eartagged, released, some have been recaptured 50 times on 80 acres (32 ha). Main aim is to find out how the combined predator […]

Weasel caught in a mole run

Mole run 45 yds long and 2-3 inches below surface, trap 30 yards along from entrance hole. Male weasel 8 inches long +2 inches tail. Ring which springs trap is […]