Trapping Introduced Predators for the Protection of Biodiversity and Livestock: an instructional DVD

Lead researcher: Greg Mifsud, National Wild Dog Facilitator, Invasive Animals CRC,

Project objectives:

To develop and produce an instructional DVD to be implemented nationally that will assist stakeholders to become competent and more confident in the use of nationally approved trapping devices for the control of introduced predators primarily the Wild Dog (Canis familiaris), the European Red Fox (red fox)(Vulpes vulpes) and the feral cat (Felis catus).

The DVD produced is intended to be a resource tool that compliments existing extension material which can be disseminated amongst the community via training days conducted by NRM groups, government agencies and industry groups across Australia. The development of this instructional DVD will provide stakeholders with additional skills to control these damaging species as part of an integrated control program utilizing a variety of control techniques in accordance with the National Codes of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures.

Video clips from this DVD can be viewed at the PestSmart YouTube Channel:

This project was funded under the Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP).
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Author Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP)
Secondary Author Greg Mifsud
Year 2011
Institution Invasive Animals CRC
Control method Trapping
Region Australia - national

PestSmart DVD: Introduction to using foot hold traps for the capture of wild dogs and foxes