USA, Australia partnership tackling feral pigs

The USA and Australia are among the worst feral pig affected countries in the world. Australia leads the way in R&D in this field and the Invasive Animals CRC (IA CRC) and partners have significantly leveraged investment by bringing the USA to the table to help develop and register an Australian led innovation for new humane feral pig control.

In this collaborative project the Invasive Animals CRC, Meat and Livestock Australia, Animal Control Technologies Australia and Connovation will develop a toxicant and delivery systems for the control of feral pigs. Australia has spent the last 5 years developing the toxicant product containing formulated sodium nitrite.

Without a feral pig poison or bait approved for use in the US, the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Wildlife Research Center and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are interested in the potential of sodium nitrite. In the US, feral pigs are now prevalent in 39 states and the damage from feral pigs to agricultural infrastructure, crop yields, food biosecurity and public health runs into the tens of millions.

A patent has been granted in Australia, New Zealand and the USA that claims the use of sodium nitrite for controlling omnivorous feral animals. The sodium nitrite is being formulated and tested so that it is stable and highly attractive to feral pigs. The next step will be submitting an application to the US EPA to have sodium nitrite approved as a new agricultural chemical in the USA.

Further information about this project can be found on the project page at the Invasive Animals CRC website.