Step 3: Develop & implement a plan of action

Develop a plan of action

The next step is a detailed outline of how the plan will be put into  action. The group needs to decide who will be driving the operation,  who will carry out what tasks and when, how information will be  collected and managed, who will pay the costs of management and  any other details related to implementation of the plan.

It is also  essential to define how information will be communicated among  stakeholders and participants (eg through regular meetings,  newsletters, field days) so they have real input and ownership of the  program, rather than it being conveyed in a ‘top-down’ manner.

Implement the management plan

Strategic pest management is when control is carried out according  to the plan of action. Coordination of control with adjacent land  managers is the best approach, and is more likely to occur if key  stakeholders have been involved in developing the plan from the  start. It is vital to keep everyone motivated and on track during this  stage of the plan to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.

Use FeralScan maps to help with preparing and implementing your management plan.

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Last updated: January 19, 2016
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