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National Incursion Prevention and Response Strategy for Potentially Invasive Vertebrates

This National Incursion Prevention and Response strategy (the strategy) is a program-level strategy that has been developed to establish a planning structure to provide clear direction to government, community, industry and individual stakeholders for the management of new or potential vertebrate pest incursions across Australia. It will help ensure an ongoing decline in the rate of new vertebrates establishing in Australia and forms an important part of the prevention and eradication stages of pest animal management. – 2024


2024 EIC Australian List of Threat Categories of Non-indigenous Vertebrates

The Environment and Invasives Committee List of Threat Categories of Non-indigenous Vertebrates (the EIC List)
forms a record of the non-indigenous amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that:
 are recorded in Australia,
 have been previously recorded in Australia and have been risk assessed,
 are suitable for live import but are not in Australia,
 have been risk assessed but are believed not to be present in Australia, or
 have been risk assessed and are not considered suitable for import (i.e., the species is not on the
Commonwealth’s Live Import List). – 2024

impact monitor research risk assessment strategy threats

Ecological factors influencing invasive predator survival and movement: insights from a continental-scale study of feral cats in Australia

NATSOP-DEER001 National Standard Operating Procedure: Aerial shooting of feral and wild deer

Best practice management of wild dogs in peri-urban environments

Behaviourally effective communication and education in management of wild dogs: Final project report (Part 2)

Behaviourally effective communication and education in management of wild dogs: Final project report (Part 1)

National Registration with the APVMA of a feral cat bait – Stage 1: Final project report

Understanding RHDV2 interaction with other RHDVs and its potential as an additional rabbit biocontrol and national rabbit biocontrol optimisation: Final project report

The role of wild deer in the transmission of diseases of livestock: Final project report

Tools for developing cost-effective decisions for managing invasive pest eradications: Final project report

Automated thermal imagery analysis platform for multiple pest species: Final project report

Automated detection: Triggering smarter, faster, better response to incursions: Final project report

Real time eDNA tools to improve early detection and response approaches for high-risk pest animals: Final project report

Assessment of the biodiversity, economic and productivity gains from exclusion fencing, Western Australia: Final project report

Development of a National ‘Invasive Species Management’ Digital Information Portal: Final project report

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