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Carp Population Biology in Victoria

Final Report to Fisheries Victoria, Department of Primary Industries by Paul Brown, K P Sivakumaran, Daniel Stoessel, Annie Giles, Corey Green and Terence Walker – 2003

impact monitor

Carp surveys of the Logan and Albert Rivers Catchment, 2006-2009

Report by Andrew Norris, Michael Hutchison, Keith Chilcott and Danielle Stewart prepared for the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, Freshwater Program.
– 2011

monitor survey

Catalogue of fence designs

Catalogue of types of fencing for different pest species – 2004


Clearer Waters – Cleaning up Australia’s Waterways. Information about Australia’s carp Biocontrol program

This publication was part of the Clearer Waters Campaign

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Commercial use of wild animals in Australia

Book by Brian Ramsey funded through the Bureau of Resource Sciences – 2003

commercial use

Commercialisation of the Boar Buffet®/HogHopper™: A feral pig specific bait hopper.

Report by Jason Wishart, Steven Lapidge and Michelle Smith

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Community action for wild dog management

Case studies of community action for wild dog management in three Australian jurisdictions – by
Tanya M Howard, Lyndal J Thompson, Prof. Theodore Alter, Paloma Frumento
– 2016


Community on-ground cane toad control in the Kimberley

A review conducted for the Hon. David Templeman MP Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Peel By Prof. Tony Peacock CEO Invasive Animals CRC – 2007

control manage

Consultation Draft – National Incursion Prevention and Response Strategy for Potentially Invasive Animals 2017-2022

Complied by Dr Michelle Christy as part of a project with the Invasive Animals CRC – 2017

government response plan strategy

Controlling Carp – exploring the options for Australia

Edited by Jane Roberts CSIRO, Richard Tilzey Bureau of Resource Sciences – 1996

impact manage monitor

Cost Effective Feral Animal Exclusion Fencing for Areas of High Conservation Value in Australia

This report was prepared by Kirstin Long and Alan Robley from the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, Department of Sustainability and Environment Heidelberg, Melbourne – 2004

Cost of Pest Animals in NSW and Australia, 2013-14

Report by eSYS Development Pty Ltd – 2016

evaluation impact

Costing the impacts of invasive animals: Proceedings of the Invasive Animals CRC workshop on social, economic and environmental impacts of invasive animals

This report by Norris, A. J., Henderson, W., McMahon, S. and Murphy, E. provides summaries of presentations and discussions held at the socio-economic workshop in 2006 – 2006

economic impact. social impacts environmental impacts

Counting the Cost: Impact of Invasive Animals in Australia, 2004

Prepared for Pest Animal Control CRC by Ross McLeod and Andrew Norris – 2004

impact manage monitor

Counting the Cost: Impact of Invasive Animals in Australia, 2004 – Exective Summary

An executive summary of the economic impact of pest animals in Australia, 2004 by Ross McLeod – 2004

economic impact

Crop And Pasture Protection From Rabbits In Native Bush Remnants

Final report to NFACP/BRS by S.H. Wheeler, T.J. Lowe and L.E. Twigg – 2002

evaluation monitor

Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3):its potential as a biological control agent for carp in Australia

Published by Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre by Kenneth a McColl and Mark St J Crane – 2013

control impact

Decision support tool for the management of freshwater fish incursions. A user manual for incidental reporting

Report by IA CRC and Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research by Stephen Saddlier, Silvana Acevedo
– 2012

impact manage

Demonstrating the potential resilience of fox populations to coordinated landholder baiting programs for agricultural protection

Final report Andrew Bengsen – New South Wales Department of Primary Industries – 2013


Designing Behaviour Change Interventions for Invasive Animal Control: A Practical Guide

Published by Centre for Invasive Species Solutions by Donald W. Hine, Lynette J. McLeod and Aaron B. Driver, University of New England – 2019


Detecting and preventing new incursions of exotic animals in Australia

Report for Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre by Wendy Henderson and Mary Bomford – 2011

monitor risk

Determining the availability of individual aerially deployed wild dog baits

Final report to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics and Rural Sciences by Malcolm Kennedy and Kenneth Rose – 2013

baiting manage

Development of cyanide for feral pig and fox control – Research 2005–2010

Report prepared for Invasive Animals CRC by Matthew Gentle, Charlie Eason, Duncan MacMorran, Paul Aylett and David Aster – 2011

baiting control

Development of second stage of MOUSER, a DSS and information transfer system for mouse plague management

Final report by Peter R. Brown, Grant R. Singleton, Geoff Norton and David Thompson – 2001


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