Tertiary training and qualifications

A Certificate III in Rural and Environmental Pest Management was developed in 2018. It supersedes the Certificate III in Pest Management.

This qualification describes the skills and knowledge required for pest management contractors, pest management field officers, vertebrate pest management field officers and weed management field officers in the pest management industry.

The qualification covers those who work in weed management as well as vertebrate pest management in conservation, land management, horticulture and agriculture settings. Individuals in these roles work under general direction and:

  • participate in strategic invasive species management practices
  • prepare for management programs
  • complete and assess management programs
  • carry out weed management programs that require chemical spraying
  • maintain required records.

State or territory licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply in some jurisdictions.

An overview of the course and which RTOs provide it, can be accessed at: https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/AHC30318 

Primary & Secondary School resources

Feral Focus provides teachers with a web based education resource which explains the characteristics of pest animals and the complexities of dealing with them in Australia. This resource has been developed for high school students specifically years 8, 9 and 10.

It dispels the myth that a feral animal should be eradicated at any cost using any means available. Instead students learn and appreciate the complexities involved in addressing pest problem issues and understand the aim of pest animal management is to reduce pest damage to an acceptable level using an economically sustainable approach and employing animal welfare and environmentally sensitive techniques.

Feral Focus can be accessed at: https://www.feralfocus.org.au/

Pest Tales provides primary school teachers with a complete and up to date resource which highlights pest animal species in Australia, their impact and current ways of managing the damage they inflict on the environment, economy and people.

A list of lesson plans, activities and interactive scenarios present teachers with strong links to curriculum profiles. Pest Tales is designed specifically for year 5 and 6 students.

Pest Tales supports the progression of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the classroom by providing several web-based scenarios which engage the student through problem solving strategies based on real life situations.

Pest Tales can be accessed at: https://www.pestales.org.au/

*Please note these resources have not been updated since 2012