FeralScan is a free resource that can be used by anyone to record pest animal activity, evidence of pests, pest damage, and control actions. Data entered into FeralScan can be used to help coordinate on ground control to address the problems pest animals are causing in your local area.

FeralScan currently contains records of pest animals mapped by landholders and communities across Australia. It can be used to document pest animal activity, communicate the problem to other people, and identify priority areas for pest control. Users can print maps, view and export pest records, and see where other people in their local area are also reporting pest animals.

  1. Enter pest animal sightings, damage and control activities in your local area
  2. Examine the latest pest animal map for your local area
  3. Create and print your own pest animal maps
  4. View or upload photos
  5. Access the latest resources
  6. Connect with community action groups in your area.

FeralScan can also be used by your landholder group to map pest populations and problem areas. This can be used to help with planning and implementing a group control campaign. Regional organisations are also using feralscan to identify what pests are priorities in their area for funding programs and to provide support to landholders.

FeralScan is also available as an Apple iOS or Android mobile app, and each update contains new features.



FeralScan can be used to map rabbits, wild dogs, foxes, feral cats, feral pigs, feral fish, feral camels, myna birds, cane toads, feral goats, starlings, and feral deer.

How do I get involved?

–   Go to FeralScan at www.feralscan.org.au or download the mobile app
–   Register your name and email address
–   Start mapping feral animals in your local area, and examine the latest map
–   Encourage others to enter sightings
–   Visit FeralScan regularly to see the latest additions.

Help to build a better picture about pest animals and the problems they are causing in your local area, and connect with others in your region to take action.

Customised community pest mapping resource

Do you need a web and app-based community mapping resource customised for your region, catchment, shire or local government area? Regional sites are now being developed to centralise all pest animal data across regions and generate pest activity reports.

Regional groups that are using this service are already receiving a locally relevant community mapping resource, tailored to their local needs, and ready for community mapping of pest animals.

The new service can be customised for your local issues and local area. It can carry your key messages about pest animals, display your logos, and generate pest activity reports for your region through cleverly designed Pest Reports.

Further information

Inquiries – Att: Peter West (feralscan@feralscan.org.au)