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Assessing the humaneness of commonly used invasive animal control methods

A report by Trudy Sharp and Glen Saunders prepared for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Australian Pest Animal Management Program (APAMP) and Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) – 2010


Assessing the safe and effective use of aerial baiting for the control of wild dogs in Victoria

Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research Technical Report Series No. 217 – 2011


Assessing the social impact of invasive animals in Australia

Report by Fitzgerald, G and Wilkinson, R produced for the Invasive Animals CRC – 2009

social impacts

Assessment and prioritisation of risk for forty exotic animal species

Report prepared for Invasive Animals CRC Marion Massam, Win Kirkpatrick and Amanda Page Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia – 2010

impact manage monitor

Assessment of correction factors used for estimating goat populations in the western australian rangelands

Report by Andrew P. Woolnough and Ken Rose

evaluation impact

Attitudinal Survey on Vertebrate Pest Management in Victoria

Report for Agriculture Victoria, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Report Series No 3 by M J Johnston, C A Marks – 1997

community evaluation

Australia’s Biodiversity and Climate Change – Climate change and invasive species

Fact sheet produced by Australian Government

manage risk

Australia’s Pest Animals. New Solutions to old problems

Published by Bureau of Rural Sciences. By Penny Olsen – 1998

impact monitor

Australian List of Threat Categories of Non-indigenous Vertebrates

The Environment and Invasives Committee List of Threat Categories of Non-indigenous Vertebrates (the EIC List) forms a record of the non-indigenous amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that are recorded in Australia, have been previously recorded in Australia and have been risk assessed, are suitable for live import but are not in Australia, have been risk assessed but are believed not to be present in Australia, and are not considered suitable for import. – 2022

impact monitor

Australian Pest Animal Strategy – A national strategy for the management of vertebrate pest animals in Australia

Report for the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council Developed by the Vertebrate Pests Committee – 2007

manage risk strategy

Australian Pest Animal Strategy Evaluation

Final report by Community Solutions – Vicki Woodburn working in collaboration with Judy Lambert and Michael Clarke  – 2013

animal welfare

Benchmarking social attitudes to river health and carp management in the Lachlan River Catchment, NSW

Report by Anne Wallis, Alecia Kelly, Scott Salzmann, Dean Gilligan and Dean Hartwell published by Deakin University – 2009

manage social attitudes

Benefits of Rabbit Biocontrol in Australia: An update

Report for Invasive Animals CRC by Tarnya Cox, Tanja Strive, Greg Mutze, Peter West, and Glen Saunders – 2021

baiting impact risk

Best Practice Camel Book

This book is an illustrated reference of the Australian Standard and Guidelines for the land transport of camels, the Code of Practice for the humane control of feral camels; and Standard Operating Procedures for mustering and ground shooting of feral camels. – 2012

Best Practice Feral Pig Management in the Burdekin River Catchment

Technical Report to the Dalrymple Land Care Committee and Bureau of Rural Sciences: National Feral Animal Control Program – 2003

best-practice manage

Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs

The information contained in this manual by Linda von Bommel has been collated from a range of producers, breeders and owners of livestock guardian dogs and should provide the basis to successfully employ these animals in a range of environments and grazing situations. – 2010

animal welfare

Bio-economic evaluations of management strategies for pest birds

Final report by John Tracey – 2010

evaluation manage

Bird Damage to the Wine Grape Industry

Report to the Bureau of Rural Sciences, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – 2003

evaluation impact

Bird Management Plan Outline

Guidelines for Best Practice Bird Management

guide plan

Business case to advance the selection of new rabbit biocontrol agents

Peacock D (2015). Business case to advance the selection of new rabbit biocontrol agents. Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra, Australia. – 2015

assess biocontrol biodiversity biosecurity case study control evaluate evaluation impact impact control management monitor report research vertebrates

Canada Geese – A new incursion into Australia

Report produced by Pestat Pty Ltd by Joan Dawes – 2008

evalulation impact monitor

Carnarvon Rangelands Biosecurity Association Wild Dog Management Case Study. Demonstrating the impact of the role of an administrator on wild dog management

Prepared for Invasive Animals Limited by Agknowledge. Peter Cooke and Nicol Taylor – 2017

impact manage

Carp Acoustic Attractants and Repellents

Report by Dr Leigh Thwaites and Josh Fredberg prepared by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (Aquatic Sciences) for the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre – 2013

acoustics attractants manage

Carp in NSW: Assessment of Distribution, Fishery and Fishing Methods

Report for NSW Department of Primary Industries, by K.J. Graham, M.B. Lowry and T.R. Walford – 2005

impact monitor

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