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  • Everything Hunting - Everything Hunting specialises in the management and control of a wide range of feral animals. We have knowledge and experience in all forms of pest management and control, including but […]
  • Biodiversity Australia - The Vertebrate Pest and Wildlife division of Biodiversity Australia is leading the way within the industry by developing and implementing both innovative and practical methodologies. Pest animal management is conducted […]
  • STC SHOOTING - Stc Shooting & Vertebrate Pest Control. Specialising in Shooting, Live Trapping, 1080 Baiting & Cpe’s. Also relocation of animals. Targeting Wild Dogs, Feral Pigs, Feral Goats, Foxes, Feral Cats, Rabbits and […]
  • TTL rural pest mangnent logo TTL Rural Pest Management - Professional shooting and vermin control We can cater to your Feral animal and native animal management needs including but not limited to: Foxes Birds, Wild Dogs, Feral Cats Feral Pigs, […]
  • Australian Feral Animal Control and Management Services Pty. Ltd. - Australian Feral Animal Control and Managements Services Pty. Ltd. has created a Co-Operative scheme to help farmers with the cost of Feral Animal management. We have a data system that […]
  • Silent Night Pest Management - We provide pest management services in the form of ground shooting, trapping and baiting. We also provide monitoring and surveys. We can travel to all parts of NSW and interstate […]
  • Wild Science - Wildlife Consultancy and Management Specialists, specialising in feral animal management
  • Local Land Services – Northern Tablelands - Provide advice and assistance in eradicating declared pest species

We aim to provide contact details of agencies, organisations and groups that are active in pest animal management and can provide people with services, useful advice or assistance – both at policy and practical on-ground levels. If you would like your group or agency listed, please [ CLICK HERE ] to fill out the form and submit your details.

Last updated: December 23, 2015
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