QLD: North Queensland Dry Tropics

The Burdekin Dry Tropics region is located in north eastern Queensland and covers an area of approximately 146,000 km2 (equivalent to about 8 per cent of the state). The region is primarily defined by the catchment area of the Burdekin River plus the associated coastal and marine areas.

The largest population in the region is centred around the city of Townsville. Other rural centres include Charters Towers, Ayr, Home Hill, Bowen, the lower Burdekin towns, Collinsville and the Alpha and Clermont districts. Away from the major centres the region is very sparsely populated.

Groups and organisations in your region

  • Silent Night Pest Management - Feral Animal control, trapping, baiting, den fumigation, ground or areal shooting. Property pest planning or assessment. Research tranquilizer capture or net gun, crocodile harpoon. Trapping or baiting training or workshop […]
  • North Qld Feral Animal Control - Professional and trusted in the humane removal of vertebrae feral animals throughout northern and western Qld. Fully insured and licensed. All aspects of trapping,baiting and ground shooting. Have combined history […]
  • Inland Trapping - At Inland Trapping we are fully licensed and insured feral animal controllers specialising in wild dog control through out north west Queensland. Inland Trapping is specialised in wild dog trapping. […]
  • Northern Trapping - Profesional trapping of wild dogs and general feral animal control. Fully licensed  and insured, we work for private land holders, councils and a variety of government organizations. Our aim is […]
  • Get Trapped - Get Trapped is a trapping supply business specializing in the supply of trapping equipment for what ever you need to trap, from mice to deer/camels. We can also organize trainers […]
  • Australian Feral Animal Control and Management Services Pty. Ltd. - Australian Feral Animal Control and Managements Services Pty. Ltd. has created a Co-Operative scheme to help farmers with the cost of Feral Animal management. We have a data system that […]
  • Queensland wild dog controllers - The ‘Queensland wild dog controllers’ is a Facebook group dedicated to promoting the humane culling of wild dogs, feral cats and other feral animals within the Queensland area. Wild dogs […]
  • Ridge Contractor – Feral Pest Management - Providing professional and experienced feral pest management control of all vertibrate pests for over 15 years.
  • Wild Science - Wildlife Consultancy and Management Specialists, specialising in feral animal management
  • QRAA - Administrator of government concessional loans to assist Queensland primary producers (eg for predator fencing or ‘cluster fencing’)
  • Conservation & Wildlife Management Qld - Aims to provide volunteer self funded pest animal management to landholders, state and local governments, natural resource and conservation organisations
  • Dawg Gawn class 2 Vertebrate Pest Management - We trap, shoot and bait for dogs, pigs and any Class 2 vertebrate pest problem with honest local trained & experienced genuine blokes for local genuine land holders. Contact us: […]
  • North QLD Feral Animal Control - Humane control of feral pest animals for the conservation of our native wildlife and pastrol community.
  • RJM Vertebrate Pest Control - Comprehensive professional shooting and trapping service that incorporates monitoring, prevention and detection. Specialising in urban bird control and rural vertebrate pest management.
  • SSAA Farmer Assist Program - Program to enable farmers with wildlife management issues to seek the assistance of volunteer shooters.
  • NQ Dry Tropics - Works with communities, primary industry and govt to identify clear priorities for land and water management in the region
  • Queensland local councils - Your first point of call for help with pest animal issues

We aim to provide contact details of agencies, organisations and groups that are active in pest animal management and can provide people with services, useful advice or assistance – both at policy and practical on-ground levels. If you would like your group or agency listed, please [ CLICK HERE ] to fill out the form and submit your details.

Last updated: December 24, 2015
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