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  • GLT Weed Management - GLT Weed Management has a vast indepth knowledge base of implementing integrated pest animal reduction programs, from feral pigs, goats, deer, rabbits and foxes. We assist government departments in trapping […]
  • GLT Weed Management - GLT Weed Management is based in Wangaratta. We conduct all forms GLT Weed Management is based in Wangaratta. We conduct all forms of feral animal control. Specialists in feral deer […]
  • Victorian Gorse Taskforce - The Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) leads an integrated approach to reducing gorse across private and public land. We source funding from across government for community-led activities to reduce gorse in […]
  • Australian Feral Animal Control and Management Services Pty. Ltd. - Australian Feral Animal Control and Managements Services Pty. Ltd. has created a Co-Operative scheme to help farmers with the cost of Feral Animal management. We have a data system that […]
  • paks-national-logo PAK’s National P/L - Manufacturers and Suppliers of Quality Vertebrate Pest Products De-Fox 1080 Fox Baits De-K9 1080 Wild Dog Baits 1080 Oat Bait for Rabbits Aldi Bunnybait (Pindone) Oat Bait for Rabbits Pindone […]
  • Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (Victoria) - SSAA Victoria has extensive experience assisting private landowners and government departments in pest control activities utilising volunteer shooters. The Farmer Assist program allows farmers or land managers to connect to […]
  • Wild Science - Wildlife Consultancy and Management Specialists, specialising in feral animal management
  • Gippsland Environmental Maintenance Service - Baits and contracting services for foxes, wild dogs, rabbits and pigs.
  • Scarybird - Scarybird is a new concept in the ecological management of pest birds.
  • Vermin Solutions Victoria - Pest management programs for the control of Foxes, Rabbits, Feral Cats, Wild Dogs, Feral Deer, Feral Goats.

We aim to provide contact details of agencies, organisations and groups that are active in pest animal management and can provide people with services, useful advice or assistance – both at policy and practical on-ground levels. If you would like your group or agency listed, please [ CLICK HERE ] to fill out the form and submit your details.

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