• Working plan to manage wild dogs

    This document (Green Book) outlines a six-step strategic approach to the management of dingoes and other wild dogs, and poses a number of questions to help set up a working plan. It is best prepared with the accompanying Guidelines for Preparing a Working Plan to Manage Wild Dogs (Brown Book). – 2012

  • Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs

    The information contained in this manual by Linda von Bommel has been collated from a range of producers, breeders and owners of livestock guardian dogs and should provide the basis to successfully employ these animals in a range of environments and grazing situations. – 2010

  • Best Practice Camel Book

    This book is an illustrated reference of the Australian Standard and Guidelines for the land transport of camels, the Code of Practice for the humane control of feral camels; and Standard Operating Procedures for mustering and ground shooting of feral camels. – 2012

  • Commercial use of wild animals in Australia

    Book by Brian Ramsey funded through the Bureau of Resource Sciences – 2003