Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs

The information contained in this manual by Linda von Bommel has been collated from a range of producers, breeders and owners of livestock guardian dogs and should provide the basis to successfully employ these animals in a range of environments and grazing situations. – 2010

Guardian animals for livestock protection and wild dog exclusion

A variety of guard animals are used all around the world to protect livestock from predators. In Australia, guard dogs (such as maremmas), llamas and alpacas, or donkeys are sometimes used with varying degrees of success.

NATSOP-GEN002 National Standard Operating Procedure: The safety and welfare of working dogs used in pest animal control

Wild dogs and working dogs are usually very similar in size and behaviour, and available control tools will affect both. Poisons, traps and ejectors present the highest risks to working dogs. This page provides advice to reduce the risk to your working dog and promote animal welfare.

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