Working Plan to Manage Wild Dogs (green book)

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This document outlines a six-step strategic approach to the management of dingoes and other wild dogs, and poses a  number of questions to help set up a working plan. This planning tool can be used for a variety of localised purposes,  including conservation and/or control.

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Dingo conservation is an important objective of many local management plans. The lethal control of dingoes and other wild dogs is also an important component of many plans. This document makes no distinction between pure dingoes,  hybrids, or other free roaming dogs, collectively referring to them as ‘wild dogs’. This document can be used to prepare a working plan to manage wild dogs for any purpose.

This plan is best prepared with the accompanying Guidelines for Preparing a Working Plan to Manage Wild Dogs (Brown  Book) and the book Managing the Impacts of Dingoes and Other Wild Dogs. The availability of topographic maps and  knowledge of the locally relevant policies and legislation will also help with the preparation of this plan.

This document is a revised version of an earlier booklet by Peter Fleming and Bob Harden, which was edited by Helen Gosper and published by New South Wales Agriculture in 2003, but has been updated to facilitate the document’s usefulness nationally.

Author Allen BL and Fleming PJS (eds)
Date null
Year 2011
Place published City
Publisher Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-921777-37-0 (online)
Region Australia - national
Edition 2nd Edition
Pages 34
Control method Integrated Pest Management