Draft National Incursion Prevention and Response Strategy for Potentially Invasive Animals


The National Incursion Prevention and Response Strategy for Potentially Invasive Animals 2017 to 2022 (NIPR Strategy) aims at enhancing the current Australian Government approach to incursion management by providing opportunities for further development of nation-wide incursion planning structures, information, and linkages.


Its aim is to create a nationally recognised and implementable incursion framework that fills the geographic and taxa gaps in the current system and prevents animals entering, or moving within, Australia and establishing.

The Draft NIPR was recently open for public consultation to encapsulate community, industry and government (i.e., stakeholders) views, owing to the vital role they play in the management of incursion risks in Australia. It encourages stakeholders across Australia to have their say on the national incursion system, what works, what doesn’t, what could be done better and how to continue strengthening partnerships across the system.

Feedback will assist in identifying where improvements can be made.

When reading the draft NIPR Strategy, please consider the following:

  • Does the strategy effectively set out a vision for consistently managing incursions at and within Australia’s
  • Are the goals, objectives, and actions of the strategy clear and capture the needs of our stakeholders?
  • Are gaps in current incursion management adequately identified in terms of national effort, leadership,
    coordination, and responsibility?
  • Does the strategy appropriately encourage collaboration and coordination between governments,
    landholders, industry, and community groups?
  • Does the strategy have to the potential to maximise public benefit from public investment

The public consultation process is being facilitated by Michelle Christy (National Incursion Response Facilitator, Invasive Animals Co-operative Research Centre) and reviewed by Invasive Plants and Animals Incursion Expert Group Committee.

The consultation period is now closed!

(Featured image, Asian black-spined toad taken by Ian Jacobs)