DAFWA and Alternative Threat Categories

Given that the current models do not allow for assignment of VPC Threat Categories to reptiles and amphibians, for the purposes of the report we assigned ‘DAFWA Threat Categories’ to species in these taxa, based on the structure of the Australian Bird and Mammal Model, existing VPC conventions for assignment of threat categories and the precautionary approach. We also considered adverse impact factors and predicted effects on Australian native species and primary production to assign ‘Alternative Threat Categories’ to reptiles and amphibians.

Neither ‘DAFWA Threat Categories’ nor ‘Alternative Threat Categories’ have been endorsed by the VPC.

The following risk assessments produced for the purposes of the DAFWA report are available to download:


Boa constrictor
Boa constrictor
Bitis nasicornis
Rhinoceros viper
Elaphe guttata
Corn snake
Trachemys scripta
Pond slider


Bufo marinus
Cane toad
Bufo melanostictus
Black-spined toad
Kaloula pulchra
Asiatic painted frog

Risk Assessments (DAFWA) for exotic reptiles and amphibians introduced to Australia
Last updated: June 8, 2015
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