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Business case to advance the selection of new rabbit biocontrol agents

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Development of SOPs and a training package for the field immobilisation of large herbivores in Judas control programs

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Evaluation of the 2002/03 Victorian Fox Bounty Trial

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Bio-economic evaluations of management strategies for pest birds

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Significant invasive species (vertebrate pests)

Status of information for reporting against indicators under the National Natural Resource Management Monitoring and Evaluation Framework – 2008

The role of rabbit and other invasive herbivore control in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

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An Economic Evaluation of a Pest Management Control Program: ‘Outfox the Fox’

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Economic Analysis of the National Wild Dog Facilitator Project

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Risk assessment for the establishment of exotic vertebrates in Australia: recalibration and refinement of model

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Attitudinal Survey on Vertebrate Pest Management in Victoria

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Assessing the effectiveness and reliability of a trap alert system for use in wild dog control

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Towards an early warning and information system for invasive alien species (IAS) threatening biodiversity in Europe

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Urban Dingoes (Canis lupis dingo and Hybrids) and Human Hydatid Disease (Echinococcus granulosus) in Queensland, Australia

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Review of alien fish monitoring techniques, indicators and protocols: implications for national monitoring of Australia’s inland river systems

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The spatial ecology and zoonoses of urban dingoes – a preliminary investigation

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Bird Damage to the Wine Grape Industry

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Non-Indigenous Vertebrates in Australia

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Eradication of Australia’s vertebrate pests: a feasibility study

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Economic evaluation of the role of bounties in vertebrate pest management

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Scientific, economic and social issues of commercial use of wild animals in Australia

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Efficacy of Bait Stations for Broadacre Control of Rabbits

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Refining target specificity of mechanical ejectors – attractants and presentation methods

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An assessment of habitat manipulation as a fox control strategy

A report from Deakin University and the Dandenong Creek Valley Co-ordinated Fox Control Committee Prepared by Dr John White (School of Ecology and Environment, Deakin University)

Assessment of correction factors used for estimating goat populations in the western australian rangelands

Report by Andrew P. Woolnough and Ken Rose