A guide to hunting hog deer 2005

Hog Deer Axis porcinus were first introduced into Victoria from Sri Lanka and India in 1865. Today, Hog Deer are distributed in isolated groups along the south-eastern coast of Victoria from the Tarwin River area to the Gippsland Lakes region.

Hog Deer are one of the most regulated game species in Victoria and there are a number of rules and regulations that all Hog Deer hunters must be aware of before they go hunting.

To assist hunters to understand their regulatory requirements, the Department has produced a booklet entitled “A Guide to Hunting Hog Deer in Victoria”, that includes information on the regulations which apply to hunting Hog Deer, the location and hours of operation of checking stations and provides information on the previous years’ harvest. The booklet also includes information on the open season and bag limit for Hog Deer.

Author Department of Sustainability and Environment, VIC
Year 2005
Place published Melbourne
Publisher Department of Primary Industries, VIC
Pages 20
Control method Recreational hunting
Region VIC
Links https://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/CA256F310024B628/0/25A6D8883C9BA45BCA256FCD00741DDE/$File/Hog+Deer+Guide+2005.pdf