Acute toxicity of sodium monoflouroacetate (1080) baits to feral cats

Feral cat populations have had a devastating effect on many native wildlife species. As part of a program to evaluate improved predator control, feral cats were observed after they had ingested a polymer bait loaded with 0.4-1.6 mg sodium monofluoracetate (1080) per 1-g bait, equivalent to doses of 0.1-1.3 mg per kg body weight. Deaths occurred with 0.6 mg per bait and all higher doses. With the highest dose all animals died within 24 h. An approximate oral LD50 of 0.28 mg per kg
(0.07-0.49) and LD90 of 0.35 mg per kg (0.14-0.56) were calculated (with 95% confidence limits). Main symptoms were disorientation and lethargy, followed by death. A dose of 2 mg 1080 per bait is recommended as a humane and lethal poison for feral cats.

Author Eason, C. T. and Frampton, C. M.
Date null
Year 1991
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 18
Number 4
Pages 445-449
Notes Notes
Control method 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate)