An acoustically sensitive transmitter for telemetering the activities of wild animals

This paper describes design, construction, and application of a telemetry system to determine certain activities of free-ranging animals or the occurrence of any event producing detectable sound. Recording the activities of 1 or several free-ranging wild animals over a 24-hour period is a difficult take, especially if the animals are nocturnal. The task is made more difficult if the animal is arboreal in dense evergreen rain forest. We have devised and successfully used a telemetric device that monitors feeding, grooming, calling, general activity, and inactivity for the Australian brush-tailed opossum (Trichosurus vulpecula). This animal is a nocturnal, arboreal herbivore, weighing about 2.5 kg, and is being intensively studied in lowland podocarp-broadleaf forest in the Orongorongo Valley, near Wellington, New Zealand. (auth)

Author D. C. Greager, C. A. Jenness and G. D. Ward
Year 1979
Secondary title Journal of Wildlife Management
Volume 43
Number 4
Pages 1001-1007