Animal Pests

Animal pests represent one of the most serious threats to Tasmania’s biodiversity, both on land and in water. In 2001, there was a total of 1,012 (60 vertebrates, 952 invertebrates) known naturalised animal species in Tasmania.

This ‘At a glance’ section provides an overview of the animal pest issue. More detailed information and references are available in the Animal Pests Issue Report. Five indicators are included in the main report relating to naturalised species, environmental pests, and management plans.

The SoE Report contains information about issues affecting Tasmania’s environment. It is designed for use by the community and policy makers to help inform decision-making across all spheres of government. It is also intended for use by scientists, students and resource managers who require summary information and perspectives from other disciplines. The report can also be used to gain insights into some of the available underlying databases and information sources.

Author State of the Environment Tasmania
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Year 2003
Secondary title State of the Environment (SoE) Tasmania 2003
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Publisher State of the Environment Tasmania
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