Animals in forests: present policy and position in animal control and management

Sightings by residents and visitors to Kapiti from 1906-1969 indicate one small colony of bats with a steady population of about 12 located south of Rangatira. The flight pattern, times of emergence and the lack of sightings during winter suggest that the long-tailed bat ( Forster) may be the only species present. The 1907 report by Cockayne that the long-eared bat was abundant is taken as a misprint for long-tailed bat and not the rarer short-tailed bat ( Gray). The continued survival of bats in the presence of high numbers of and <Trichosurus vulpecula> and in a changing forest environment, is briefly discussed.

Author Miers, K.H.
Year 1973
Secondary title New Zealand Forest Service, Forest Research Instit
Volume 14
Number 1
Pages 83-90
Region NZ