Assessing Carp Biology in NSW: The First Step in a Successful Implementation Strategy for Daughterless Carp

Introduced carp (Cyprinus carpio) populations spread throughout the Murray-Darling Basin in south-eastern Australia following extensive floods in the 1970s (shearer and Mulley 1978). Carp are now the dominant species within the Murray-Darling Basin and are considered noxious in most states of Australia (Koehn et al. 2000). An effective control program is a necessary part of rehabilitating the Murray-Darling Basin (MDBC 2004). An IPM strategy including the development of ‘daughterless’ biotechnology (CSIRO 2002) is being developed by the CRC PAC in order to address that need. A fundamental stage in developing an IPM program is an assessment of the status and population biology of carp populations throughout the Murray-Darling Basin. As a result, a state-wide data collection program was initiated in New South Wales (and will be rolled-out to cover the entire Murray-Darling Basin).

Author Gilligan, D. and Faulks, L.
Date 05/02/2005
Year 2005
Secondary title 13th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Place published Conference Location
Publisher Landcare Research
Pages 57-58
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Control method Fertility Control
Region Australia - national
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