Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS)

The AAWS will guide the development of new, nationally consistent policies and will enhance existing animal welfare arrangements in all Australian states and territories.

The Strategy covers the humane treatment of all animals in Australia including:

* livestock/production animals
* animals used for work, sport, recreation or display
* companion animals
* animals in the wild
* aquatic animals, and
* animals used in research and for teaching purposes.

The Strategy was developed over five years by the Australian Government with assistance from the National Consultative Committee on Animal Welfare, in consultation with state and territory governments, animal industry organisations, animal welfare groups and the general public.

The goals, objectives and activities outlined in the Strategy are based on science, national and international benchmarks, and social and economic considerations.

The Strategy is for the entire Australian community including animal owners, the veterinary profession, livestock producers, processors, transporters, animal welfare bodies, researchers, consumers and government agencies.

Author Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Date null
Year 2004
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Region Australia - national

AAWS June 2009 Update