Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical Guide

Engaging audiences with behaviourally effective communications

BEC_coverThe Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IA CRC) has developed an impressive set of technologies and recommended best practices for managing and controlling invasive pests. But these proposed solutions will fail unless the public is sufficiently motivated  and empowered to change behaviours and adopt new approaches. Changing behaviour, and sustaining these changes over  time, is a difficult process. Educating the public about the negative  impacts of invasive animals and providing information about control strategies is rarely enough.

Behaviourally effective communication requires a more sophisticated  approach informed by the behavioural sciences. Social psychology  and behavioural economics have generated a substantial canon of  knowledge about:

  • Drivers of, and barriers to, behaviour change
  • How to design and deliver cost-effective communication
    programs that change behaviours for the benefit of society
    and the environment.

In this guide, we summarise this information, and give practical examples relevant to managing invasive animals. We also recommend how to develop new communications strategies and evaluate current communications against best-practice  behaviourchange principles.

This guide is for practitioners who are developing and delivering communications related to invasive animals. But many of the general principles and concepts discussed also apply to science communication more broadly. Above all, the guide outlines a systematic approach for developing and evaluating content-driven communication strategies, so that policymakers, scientists and engagement specialists can connect more effectively with their target audiences.

Author Hine DW, Please PM, McLeod LJ, and Driver AB
Year 2015
Place published Canberra
Publisher Invasive Animals CRC
Pages 47
ISBN/ISSN Web ISBN: 978-1-921777-93-6
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