Biology of the feral cat, Felis catus (L.), on Macquarie Island

Between December 1976 and February 1981, 246 cats were collected. Overall sex ratio was in favour of males 1:0.80, and coat colour was tabby (74%), orange (26%) and black (2%). The breeding season extended from October to March with the peak in November-December. Mean number of embryos was 4.7 per female and evidence of females producing two litters was found. Mortality in kittens increased as they grew older, with litters of kittens >1.8kg containing two or fewer animals. Most cats lived in herbfield or tussock grassland, with very few if any in feldmark. The total population was estimated at between 169 and 252 adult cats. Observation of an adult male showed that its home range covered 41 ha, but this appeared not to be maintained during winter. Its daytime activity varied greatly, much time being spent foraging for food.

Author Brothers, N. P., Skira, I. J. and Copson, G. R.
Date null
Year 1985
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 12
Number 3
Pages 425-36
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Region TAS