Bovine Tuberculosis in Brushtail Possums (Trichosurus vulpecula): Studies on Vaccination, Experimental Infection, and Disease Transmission

The objectives of the research program were to obtain a better understanding of BCG as a tuberculosis vaccine in possums, and assess its potential as a tool for controlling tuberculosis in wild possum populations. A series of vaccination and challenge experiments were conducted, as well as studies on alternative experimental infection procedures. The program included two field studies, one on the epidemiology of tuberculosis in a population of possums regenerating after localised possum eradication, and the other examined the efficacy of BCG vaccine in a wild population in which tuberculosis was endemic.

Author Corner, L. A. L.
Thesis type PhD
Year 2001
Secondary title PhD Thesis
Place published City
Publisher Massey University
Pages 270
Notes Notes
Region NZ