Can we fix it? Yes we can! Making vertebrate pest control ethical

Vertebrate pests must be controlled – but control must be ethical. In this paper, we summarise current thinking on principles for humane vertebrate pest control and give examples of how these principles can be, and are being, followed.

Ethical pest control is control that is necessary and is justified. Necessity means whether the control itself is necessary, and whether the pests must be killed in order to achieve control, or non-lethal methods would suffice. If the benefits of any action outweigh the harms, we normally consider that action to be justified. To be truly justified, though, the benefit must be maximised fully and the harms minimised. How can we maximise the benefits and minimise the harms of pest control?

Author Littin, K. L. and Mellor, D. J.
Date 2005-05-02
Year 2005
Secondary title 13th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Place published Wellington, NZ
Publisher Landcare Research
Institution NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Pages 201-202
Region NZ
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